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V—1 rotational viscometer is one kind of the viscosity meter used to measure/test the viscosity resistance and absolute viscosity of liquid. It has four rotors of NO. 1-4 and can be chosen to use in accord with viscosity of the liquid to be determined rotation speed. It is widely used to determined viscosity of various liquid such as oil, paint, food, medicine, adhesive, etc in the filed of petro chemistry, medicine, food, light industry, textile industry, scientific research, etc.


Electrical power 220V,50Hz
Range of viscosity measurement 10-100000mpas
Measuring rotors four rotors of NO.1-4  
Rotational speed 6r/min,12r/min,30r/min,60r/min  
Measurement error ±5%(Newton type liquid)  
Overall dimensions 580×300×480mm(L×W×H)  
Weight 7.9kg


According to《Viscosity Tester by Engler Specific》, the viscometer is made and can cover the determination of the Viscosity of the fluids.  The ratio of two different time with which the measured fluid and 20℃ water flow through the orifice in the bottom is called Engler Viscosity of the fluids( in Ev) on the condition of the set volume and temperature ..
Main Structure and Technical Parameter
1、standard time of water flow:         51±1sec;
2、temperature:         0~100℃;
3、resolution:         ±0.1℃;
4、special thermometer:  In accordance with GB514-75;
6、volumetric flask:         200±0.2ml;
7、 inner test vessel:             stainless-steel wall;

The petroleum product Engler viscosimeter (number reveals):

This instrument acts according to ASTMD 1,665, the IP212 standard determination emulsified bitumen and the coal tar graciousness standard pulls the viscosity. The Engler viscosimeter is determines the petroleum product and other liquid relative viscosities gaging instruments, widely uses in the factory, the laboratory, the geological field ty and so on. The determination liquid in the certain temperature, under the volume condition, flows out the time from the Engler viscosimeter (the second ] with the distilled water the time which leaves in 20 ℃ fashion (the second ] the ratio, for this liquid relative viscosity, namely Engler viscosity, unit for condition.

Technical specification:

1.In pot stainless steel

2.Standard water number: 51±1 second

3.Determination temperature: Room temperature ~ 100 ℃

4.Controls the warm precision: ±0.2 ℃


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