We manufacture Color Assessment Cabinet,Glossmeter,Color meter,Color Reader,UV integrator,Range finder,Digital force gauge,Lux meter,Roughness tester,Brightness meter etc.

Color Assessment Cabinets

  • Color assessment cabinet-4 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-5 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-6 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-7 kind lamps

Color measuring instruments


Haze meter

UV Integrator

Thickness gauges

Surface Roughness tester

Surface Resistance meter

Surface Thermometer


EMF Meter

Range finder

Lux meters



Completely automatic pitch softening point tester

This instrument conform to GB/T4507, ASTMD36, IP58 petroleum pitch softening point measuring method stipulation manufacture. Uses in determining the asphalt because of to heat up but softens the distortion the situation.

Technical specification:

1.Steel ball diameter: 9.53m

2.Steel ball heavy: 3.5±0.05g

3.Being heated vessel specification: 1000ml

4.Elevation of temperature speed: 5±0.5 ℃/Min

5.Measures the warm precision: 0.1 ℃

6.Measures the warm scope: 5 ℃ ~ 90 ℃ (E); 80 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ (F)

7.Working conditions: Room temperature <35 ℃

8.Computer control elevation of temperature speed, data examination, storing and processing


Viscocity meter

TBN tester/Petroleum product water-soluble acid and the alkali tester

Automatic pitch softening point tester

Foaming tester

Melting point tester

Pour point tester


Kinematic Viscosity Tester

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