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Thickness gauges

Surface Roughness tester

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EMF Meter

Range finder

Lux meters



Flash point tester:


The instrument is designed and made to the national standard of petroleum and petroleum products test method GB/T3536, determination of petroleum products flash and fire point—cleverland open cup method.
The instrument is also suitable to JTJ058—2000 highroad rules bituman flash and fire point test (cleverland open cup method).
The instrument is also suitable to the test method of ISO2592 and ASTM D92.

Purpose and using range
The instrument is suitable to test the petroleum products under the standard expert the fuel oil and open flash point lower than 79℃.

Instrument working surroundings
Electric source: AC220V±10% 50Hz
Surroundings temperature: -10~50℃

Main technical specifications and index
Auto scanning and firing;
Heater power 0~400W continuously adjustable;
Heater protected by transparent quartz glass bute, no fire, proofblast and heating fast.

F36 Cleaveland open flash point and ignite tester:

Cleaveland open flash point and ignite tester
This instrument is suitable in presses ISO2592, ASTMD92, IP36, (with the Cleaveland cup) the standard determination petroleum product flash point and ignite (bunker oil and open flash point is lower than 79 ℃ petroleum products to be an exception).

1, automatically delimits sweeps the ignition
2, electric stove thermal rating 400W
3, moves warm uses the silicon-controlled rectifier
4, moves continuously warm


Viscosity meter

TBN tester/Petroleum product water-soluble acid and the alkali tester

Automatic pitch softening point tester

Foaming tester

Melting point tester

Pour point tester


Kinematic Viscosity Tester

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