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Color meer,color difference meter( colour difference meter) is the meter to measure the color difference between samples.

This portable color difference meter can be used to measure the hue of all colors, and measure accurately CIE_Lab color, CIE_XYZ color, CIE_xyY color. Also, it can display directly the color difference between two samples. It is small, stable, precise,reliable, light and easy to operate. It can measure variously smooth surfaces. It is excellent in performance, mainly used in color matching of color system in costumes,plastic, furniture, architecture and upholstery etc, also applicable in design, printing, costumes and dyeing etc. Easily to use, enhances the working efficiency greatly and reduces the communication cost.

1. Compact size and light weight (about 203g without batteries)
2. Easy, one-handed operation
3. Color difference displayed in terms of Delta(L*a*b*) or Delta(L*C*H)
4. Adopt high speed spectral analysis system of CCD
5.Can connect to computer,with software and printer
6. Low price, high quality

Technical Features

  1. Widely applied to quality control of plastic and printing industries’
  2. Display directly color difference by △E*ab、△L*a*b、CIE­­­­_L*a*b、CIE­­­­_L*c*h
  3. Standard deviation within  △E*ab0.2(test condition;choose average values by white board)
  4. It can be connected to computer to do the inspection by software with USB interface


  1. Technical parameter


test accuracy

within 0.2 △E*ab



test scope

L:0-100 a:-128--127 b:-128--127

test time

about 3 seconds

test interval

2 seconds

test aperture



keep a group of data(Not connected to pc)



test angle

observers:CIE 10°standard observer

light source

c light source


correct sillicon photodiode carrays


AC battery 5v:external(1.5A)power supply




203g(Exclusive battery)

operated temperature scope

0-40℃(32-104°f);lower than 85% relative humidity

standard accessories

1pc manual/software bag/1.5A battery/5v external power supply/USB cable/CD


measure any color of smooth surface

    • Main characteristic
    • compare the color difference between sample and the measured subject ,then output CIE_Lab 3 groups data, and the 4 groups of △E、△L、△a、△b data after comparision.
    • the colorimeter is portable ,and two kinds of power supply way are respectively battery and external power supply.It is very convenient.
    • USB expansion connection is provided and is very conveniently connected to PC. That is advantage for preserving data and printing report form.

    135 Portable Colorimeter:


    1).Maximum, Minimum and Average
    2).Tolerance function.
    3).Auto memory (99 sets) & Read function


    • Check the color difference between two samples.
    • Color difference displayed
      Δ(E*ab,C*ab, H*ab)
      Δ(Y, x, y)
      Δ(X, Y, Z) or
      Δ(Rs, Gs, Bs)
    • Color space displayed
      (L*, a*, b*)
      (L*, C*ab, hab)
      (Y, x, y)
      (X, Y, Z) or
      (Rs, Gs, Bs)
    • Maximum, Minimum and Average function.
    • Tolerance function.
    • Auto memory (99 sets) & Read function.
    • RS232 interface.
    Display: Triple 4 digit LCD display
    Illuminating /
    Viewing geometry:
    45° / 0° – 1 illumination at 45°, measurement at 0°
    Measuring area: Approx.f2mm
    Display modes: Color difference
    Δ(L*,a*,b*), Δ(E*ab,C*ab, H*ab),Δ(Y, x, y), Δ(X, Y, Z) or Δ(Rs, Gs, Bs)
    Color space
    (L*, a*, b*), (L*, C*ab, hab), (Y, x, y), (X, Y, Z) or (Rs, Gs, Bs).
    Target color memory: 8 channel ; set by measurement or keypad
    Measuring range: L* : 10 to 100
    Measurement conditions: Observe : CIE 2° Standard Observer.
    Illuminant : White LED lamp.
    Repeatability: Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.5
    (Measurement conditions : Average of measurements of standard white plate).
    Minimum interval
    between measurements:
    Approx. 2 seconds
    Auto data Memory
    & Read:
    99 sets
    Auto power off: Approx. 3 minutes
    Power source: One 9V battery and DC 9V AC adapter input
    Battery life: Approx. 500 measurements at 10 – sec intervals
    Operating temperature/
    humidity range:
    0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) ; less than 85% relative humidity
    Storage temperature/
    humidity range:
    -10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F) ; less than 70% relative humidity
    Dimensions: 172mm × 118mm × 46mm
    Weight: Approx. 220g
    Accessories: Instruction manual, Battery, AC adapter, RS232 cable, software CD.



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