We manufacture Color Assessment Cabinet,Glossmeter,Color meter,Color Reader,UV integrator,Range finder,Digital force gauge,Lux meter,Roughness tester,Brightness meter etc.

Color Assessment Cabinets

  • Color assessment cabinet-4 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-5 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-6 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-7 kind lamps

Color measuring instruments


Haze meter

UV Integrator

Thickness gauges

Surface Roughness tester

Surface Resistance meter

Surface Thermometer


EMF Meter

Range finder

Lux meters



Melting point tester:

This instrument can measure the melting point, transfiguration and color distortion of substance by means of slide glass, and can also measure the melting point of substance with capillary method prescribed in pharmacopoeia, especially to dark color samples, such as the melting point of medicine intermediate, dye, rubber accelerant and so on, and it can observe the whole process to the melting point. Especially, it can be used in universities, colleges and research institutes for experiments.

Main Technical Parameters

1. The microscope adopting 4X object lens and 10X eye lens
2. Measurement Range: Room temperature at -360°C
3. Measurement Preciseness: Room Temperature: error=1°C@-200°C; error=+/-2°C@ 200°C~300°C
4. Power supply: 220V AC, 50Hz, power 80W



Kinematic Viscosity Tester

TBN tester

Automatic pitch softening point tester

Foaming tester

Viscocity meter

Pour point tester

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