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260 Water Content Petroleum Products Tester /Petroleum Products Water Content Tester

    This instrument is suitable to test the water amount in petroleum products and lubricating grease. The result shows in percents. 

Water Content Tester

Technical Specification:    
1. power supply:  AC 220V±10% ,50Hz
2. ambient temperature: ≤35℃
3. Relative humidity:   ≤85%
4. the heating oven power:1000W
5. Whole Power: ≤ 1100W
6.Volume of distilling flask: 500ml
 7.Length of straight condensation tube: 250-3000mm
Packing List:
Main unit
electrical heating oven and control box
cooling tube holder
cooling tube
receiving tube
round-bottom flask
Power line: (250V 6A))

Fuse  5A (Ф5×20)



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