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Density meter for Radiographic Testing:

Density meter
The D001 series densimeter for radiographic testing developed by our company is domestically high-tech computerized product with high quality. The accurate reading, favorable stability and convenient operation are its obvious features. D001 series density meter can be widely used in various industries, including nondestructive testing (NDT), printing and medical treatment. The inclusive density film with the machine is used for calibration.

Technical specification:

Range of density: D=0.00~4.00 (D001)/ D=0.00~4.50 (D001A)/ D=0.00~5.00 (D001B)

Measuring Error:  

0.00~3.00   ±0.02

3.00~4.00   ±0.03
4.00~4.50   ±0.05
4.50~5.00   ±0.08
● Reading Stability:  ±0.02
● Measurement Area: 0.079’’ (Diameter of the Aperture Hole)
● Sampling time:    0.8s
● Displaying Method: Three digital displaying
● Power consumption:≤25W
● External dimension: 11.8’’×11.0’’×4.5’’ (length ×width ×height)
● Working Environment: Temperature 32℉~104℉
Relative humidity ≤85%
●Power supply: 50~60Hz, 220V±10%



The instrument is suitable to determine density in petroleum and liquid petroleum products according to standard GB/T 1884-92 <petroleum and liquid petroleum products-Determination of density (densimeter method)>.

Suitable surroundings for instrument work

  1. surroundings temperature: -10~40℃;
  2. relative humidity: ≤85%;
  3. the instrument should be set on level worktable, the change of surroundings temperature is less 2℃, and there is not fast air flowing.

Main technical data:

  1. power supply : AC220V±10% 50Hz;
  2. bath dimension: φ300×300mm;
  3. heating power: 650W, 325W;
  4. temperature adjusting instrument

⑴ range of controlling temperature: -20~100℃;
⑵ precision of controlling temperature: ±0.5℃;
⑶ thermo-sensor: Pt100

  • Thermometer: azoth immerge thermometer and its graduation is 0.2℃;
  • Dimension of densimeter graduated flask: 500ml.


Viscocity meter

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Kinematic Viscosity Tester

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