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CDM001 Core Drilling Machine

Core drilling machine

1.Max. drilling diameter: 200mm
2.Max. drilling depth:400mm
3.Motor power:3.3KW

4.EN 12504-1

Application: the concrete core drilling machine combines high speed cutting technology and thin walled diamond bits, is widely applied to drill and core in building works, equipment installation projects and construction inspection projects.


Technical parameters:

1.Max. drilling diameter: 200mm;

2.Max. drilling depth: 400mm (up to 1500mm by using extension bar);

3.Motor power:3.3KW

4.Principal axis speed: 800-1200 r.p.m


Features: double posts structure, YAMAHA motor as the driving force; no need screw fixation; machine is mounted on 3 wheels for ease of movement; reliable and convenient in operation. The core drilling machine is able to drill and cut high strength concrete, with high effeciency, precise hole position, smooth wall of hole and cored specimen, small viberation and no damage to construction.




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