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crack width measurement instrument

The crack width measurement instrument is a new professional concrete structure measurement instrument for the crack width and the microcosmic defects on surface, against the traditional crack microscope inconvenient for observation, based on the Standard of Dangerous Building Appraisal GJG125-99 about relative request of evaluate the house dangerous point with the crack width.

Mainly used for testing the crack width of bridge, channel, concrete plate, metallic surface.

High light supper lager LCD, display the crack image's edge clearly and read conveniently;
The newest technology of formation of image of electronic, recover the original crack actually;
The microcosmic camera measurement probe is made of totally stainless steel, resistance to wear and drop.

1. Amplifiedmultiple: 40(standard)50(optional)
2. Test range: 0.02-2.0mm;
3. Interpolation: 0.01mm
4. Voltage: 12VDC (8 recharger battery)
5. Size: 270*15*50(mm)
6. Measurement probe: 4060(mm)
7. Weight: 800g


Crack Depth Measuring Instrument:

According to  regulation of concrete defect detection with ultrasonicecs21: 2000

Depth measurement principle:
When vibration energy transmit through the concrete and pass the crack, the vibrate energy will be diffracted at the point of the crack, whose diffraction angle have geometrical relationship with the crack depth. Djcs-05 crack depth measurement instrument adopt this geometrical between the diffraction angle and depth to realize high precision depth measurement.

First professional manufacture of crack depth measurement instrument Patent's no. Zl2004 2 00167 97 6.

Feature and specification:
Easily operation: Start measure when turn on, simply press to finish testing.
Result intuition: No wave speed test and calculate to display the crack depth directly.
Data processing: Data can transfer to PC, and then generate test report rapidly.

Depth scale: 10-350mm
Test precision: 5%
Data storage: 10600 depth data
Display: 4" resolution 160*128
Power supply: 9vdc (6 AA battery)
Work environment: Temperature-5- +40 degree humidity 85%
Size: 220*180*80mm




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