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Rebar detector

The RBL01 is used to detect the thickness of concrete covering layer and rebar diameter. Besides, it can detect the location of magnetic substance and electric conductor in non-magnetic and non-conductive medium, e.g. cable inside wall body and water and heating pipe etc. It is a kind of intelligent nondestructive test equipment possessing the functions of automatic detection, data memory and output.
RBL02:Has a scanning trolley which allows user to view the results on the screen as user scan an area.

-Measuring the thickness of concrete over steel reinforcement and metal pipes
-Measuring the rebar location and diameter
-Large graphic display with backlight
-Signal strength bar display and sound alarm for accuracy reading
-Depth of covering layer reach up to 180mm
-Real time graphic output both to screen and printer
-Data processing software compatible with windows 95/98/2000/Me/WT/XP
-Auto calibration, correct the system error
-Three scan mode: grid pattern ,profile scan and large area scan

Covering layer thickness
measuring range
Range I : 6mm ~ 90mm
Range II: 7mm ~ 180mm
Rebar diameter measuring range
6mm ~ 50mm
Tolerance of covering layer thickness
Range I
Range II
       ± 1mm
6mm ~ 59mm
7mm ~ 79mm
       ± 2mm
60mm ~ 69mm
80mm ~ 119mm
       ± 4mm
70mm ~ 90mm
120mm ~ 180mm
Operating temperature
-10 deg c ~ 40 deg c
Relative humidity


Rebar locator

The RBL03 apparatus is mainly used for testing concrete structure's quality; Locating the steel bar's position and Measuring the rebar's protecting thickness and diameter. It also can locate metal material's position involved in the nonmetal material, such as the cable, the plumbing pipe in the wall and the metal involved in pipelines and woodiness.
Application:Measure the thickness of the poured concrete slab of non-metal like structure, Concrete, Wall, Girder, Bar, pole, wood and Ceramics base on the Impact Echo principle.

The host and receive electrode are separated. Due to less square connected, no plate polished.

Work Principle:
Electromagnetic pulse method: Ultra-force anti-interference.

Display Magnetic induction with Digital and Imitation mode (Our Patent), and adopt Multi-parameter sensor to avoid interference of adjacent bar when bar is intensive.

Coating thickness and Rebar signal video display at real time; Lock the min data and store, easily for operation.

High and Low-two range work mode to confirm the accuracy and depth;
Adopt no-side Grid and Section Scanning; Auto test and record;
Distance among rebar; And display rebar's location in concrete at real time;
Can test High Accuracy and Intensive rebar, which break traditional rule: Rebar Distance compare with Coating thickness ≥ 2: 1;
With high Black light, even can work at underground and cave;
Bigger Data processing and Retest workshop's data function to guide users;
Special data analysis software, to PC to generate test report automatically.


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