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Melt flow indexer:

melt flow indexer

This Melt flow Indexer adopts new-generation intelligent meter double-digit time relay output control featuring short temperature cycle and small overshoot.And also the product takes advantage of thyristor moudle to accurately guarantee the temperature precision and stability.For convenient use,the product can be controled by time or manually.(The cutting interval and time can be set freely.) Features high intelligence and automation,broad application scope,fast heating rate,high precision and stable performance,this Taiwan model is an ideal testing and teaching instrument for plastic material and product enterprises,quality inspection and supervision institution as well as universities and college.

  Testing parameters:
  Measuring range:                             0.1-400.00/10min (MFR)
  Precision of temperature control:   room temperature - 400°c
  Precision of timepiece:                    ±0.2°c
  Load:                                                full load
  Cutting mode;                                   manual,by time 
  Screw barrel internal diameter:      9.550mm  ± 0.025mm 
  Screw barrel length:                       160mm
  Cavity die:     Tungsten carbide, L 8.000mm±0.025mm,   internal diameter2.095mm ±0.005mm
  Power:                                             0.45 KW
  Power supply;                                 AC220V,50Hz
  Dimension:                                      400mm X 500mm X 600mm
  Net Weight:                                     60Kg

Standards:ISO1133:1997,ASTM D etc.

    (1)temperature range: 50℃-400℃,fast heating
    (2)temperature accuracy:≦±0.5℃
    (3)temperature amplitude:±0.5℃
    (4)recover time:≦4min,can return to constant temperature status after  filling the material
    (5)testing load:3.187N—211.82N.
    (6)diameter of mouth:2.095±0.005mm
    (7)heating power:450W



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