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Quantum light meter is a newly developed portable quantum meter or handhold LED light spectrum quantum analyzer adopting advanced micro-processor technology.

Quantum meter


Characteristics and specifications;

● Adopting micro-spectrometer technology which is more accurate than traditional photo-detectors .

● Measure PPFD,chromaticity coordinate temperature, chromaticity coordinate,colour rending index, color difference etc

● Data hold, save and open-function. Several groups of data can be saved.

● Accuracy of chromaticity coordinates :±0.003(x ,y)

● 128*64 LED of graphic interface displaying spectrum wave, chromaticity diagram

● USB interface for PC communication

● Quality Li-Battery for recycled-utilization

● Range of wavelength:380nm-780nm;

● wavelength accuracy:±0.5nm  Repeatability:±0.2nm

● Accuracy of chromaticity coordinate:±0.0025, Resolution:0.0001;;

● Correlated color temperature:1500-25000K, Accuracy:±3%,Resolution:1K;

● Accuracy of total color difference:within±0.2(under standard illuminate A);

● Range of Illumination measurement:1.0lx-100klx;

● Accuracy of Illumination measurement:Class 1

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