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Color Assessment Cabinets

  • Color assessment cabinet-4 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-5 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-6 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-7 kind lamps

Color measuring instruments


Haze meter

UV Integrator

Thickness gauges

Surface Roughness tester

Surface Resistance meter

Surface Thermometer


EMF Meter

Range finder

Lux meters





Color Temperature&Lux Meter / Chroma Meter


Simultaneously measures illuminance, color temperature, and chromaticity of all light sources, such as LED,OLED and other Organic Electroluminescence (EL).


Truly compact, light weight,can be used without a computer for evaluation of next- generation lamps such as LED, OLED and EL illumination, as well as, conventional architectural and stage/ studio lighting, even lab research applications.

With its advanced sensor and outstanding design, it can easily measure CCT(Correlative Color Temperature), CRI (Color Rendering Index), illuminance, chromaticity, dominant wavelength, spectral distribution of virtually any light source in the lab or out in the field.

User friendly design, simple menu and 3.5 inch touch screen interface with color graphics make it the ideal tool for multiple applications within the lighting industry.

Reading appears instantly in easy to read full screen color graphics and measurement results stored via an SD card in raw data MS Excel and BMP formats.

Comes with certificate of calibration to NML/CMS standards, and can be re-calibrated at any time with its internal Dark Calibration feature.

A powerful tool for almost all applications of visible lights spectrum analysis in lighting industry, for example:

◆ LED,OLED R&D,QC, Sales, Purchase
◆ Light source Spectrum,CCT,CRI evaluation
◆ Outdoor advertising screen test
◆ Computers and mobiles backlight modules test
◆ Automotive Lighting / Guiding
◆ Street / Tunnel Illumination
◆ Indoor Illumination / Decoration
◆ Museum / Displaycabinet light design
◆ Lab and field scientific research applications

Excellent operation experience
The time spent for fluent processes started from booting to zeroing calibration, to data capturing to diagrams form-up to data storage is just within a few seconds!

On-site measuring, in-time reading!
Just bring your portable meter to the site and point it directly to testing light source, then push "integrate button", the spectrum graphic will show up in no time, connecting to PC won't be a need anymore.
Clear-cut data list, your reading is also clear at the first sight!
In Simple mode, you can also read CCT(Correlative Color Temperature)、CRI(Color Rendering Index)、Lux (Illuminance)、λP (Peak Wavellength) directly without the need of mode switching.
4 modes available to cover all facets
Mode 1:Spectrum Graph Mode
Mode 2:Under Basic Value Mode, to read CCT(Correlative Color Temperature)、CRI(Color Rendering Index)、Lux (Illuminance)、λP (Peak Wavellength)
Mode 3:CIE 1931 Chromaticity Diagram Mode
Mode 4:CIE1976 Chromaticity Diagram Mode
With these 4 modes, you can switch directly from one to any another as you request

Continuous monitor and nothing can vanish from your sight
Except for the single-time capture mode, it is also proud of its continuous capture mode which allows users to adjust the light source's Chromaticity, or to patrol along the light sources to measure the interior lighting. The data (on-screen display) snaps and updates once per second so as to get real and complete pictures in dynamic case.

Complete storage for your access anytime, anywhere!
All captured data are stored in SD card, in both Excel and BMP file formats, the former is for keeping spectrum information, and the other is for the 4 modes' diagrams. Both can be transferred via USB port connection.

Touchpad interface, easy and user-friendly even for newcomers
Combines the latest OS, humanized-design interface, straightward Manu, and all these combines in one 3.5' touchpad, even newcomers can use without any difficulty.



CMOS Linear Image



12 nm


Wavelength Range

360 ~ 750 nm


Measurement Range

70 ~ 70000 Lux


Cosine Recipt Area

6.6 ± 0.1 mm


Exposure Time Range

8 ~ 1000 ms


Capture Mode

Once / Continue


Integrating Mode

Auto / Manual


Measuring Modes

1. Basic Value Mode



2. Spectrum Graph Mode

3. CIE 1931 Chromaticity Dragram Mode

4. CIE 1976 U.C.S Chromaticity Dragram Mode


Measuring Capabilities

1. Spectral Irradiance

2. C.I.E. Chromaticity Coordinates

    (1) CIE 1931 x,y Coordinates

    (2) CIE 1976 U.C.S u',v' Coordinates

3. Peak Wavelength

4. Correlated Color Temperature; CCT ( in Kelvins)

5. Color Rendering Index; Ra ( Rendering Average )

6. Illuminance / Lux


Digital Resolution

16 bits


Dark Calibration



Stray Light

-25 dB max.
( When monochromatic light of the 550nm wavelength is input, spectral stray
light is defined as the ratio of count measured at the input wavelength, to the
measured in a region of the input wavelength ± 40nm. )


Wavelength Data

1 nm



± 1 nm
( Measured under constant light input conditions )


Illuminance Accuracy

± 5%

Illuminant A @ 2856k at 20000 lux


Color Accuracy

± 0.0025 in CIE 1931 x,y


Color Repeatability

± 0.0005 in CIE 1931 x,y


CCT Accuracy

± 2%


CRI Accuracy @ Ra

± 1.5%



3.5" LCD 320X240 Touch Panel


Battery Operation Time

≦ 5 hours / One Full Charge



2500 mAh / Reachargeable Li-ion Battery


Date Output Interface

SD Card / USB 2.0


Data Format

Compatible MicroSoft Office Excel Data Format & BMP Format



144.2 x 78 x 24 mm ( H x W x D )


Weight ( with Battery )

250 g ± 20 g


Operating Temperature

0 ~ 35 °C


Storage Temperature

-10 ~ 40 °C



English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese







WiFi-SD Solution
1 Effective radius: 5 meters.
2 SD card to Access Point – one to one transmission, not via internet .
3 Encryption data transmission:Confidential
4 Efficiency: High WiFi speed, high efficiency and convenience .
5 Easy setting & using: plug the SD card, simple setting & easy archive management .



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