We manufacture Color Assessment Cabinet,Glossmeter,Color meter,Color Reader,UV integrator,Range finder,Digital force gauge,Lux meter,Roughness tester,Brightness meter etc.

Color Assessment Cabinets

  • Color assessment cabinet-4 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-5 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-6 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-7 kind lamps

Color measuring instruments


Haze meter

UV Integrator

Thickness gauges

Surface Roughness tester

Surface Resistance meter

Surface Thermometer


EMF Meter

Range finder

Lux meters




Impact tester:

Impact tester

This Impact Tester produced by our company is in accordance with the specification in National Stand GB/T 1732-93 Determination of paint film resistance to impact and the practical requirement of mechanical construction. The operation principle of the impact tester is by means of a weight that draw down from a specified height and impacts a painted panel under panel under test to result in its rapid deformation, and the film resistance to impact is then attained from observing the film whether peeled off.


Type Drop height Diameter of the striking The falling weight Dimensions
I-1 0-50 cm Φ8mm 1000± 1g 200*200*800mm 12.6kg
I-2 0-100 cm Φ8mm 1000± 1g 200*200*1300mm 15kg


Hardness tester>>

Viscosity cup>>


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