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What is a Washability Machine/tester?

Washability Machine is an instrument applicable to determine the scrub resistance for architectural coatings, and examine the surface treated by the comprehensive films, such as paints, electroplating coatings, floors, clear top coatings and woods.

Washability Machine
Main Technical Parameters
1. Specification of brush: 3mm´90 mm
2. Mass of brush (with holder): 450±2g
3. Distance of brush travel back and forth: 300 mm
4. Frequency of brush travel: 37±1 counts (cycles)/min
5. Counter: 4 digit-number
6. Panel dimensions: 430mm´150mm´4 mm
7. Power of electric motor: 90W
8. Electrical power source: 380V 50Hz (220V Specify when ordering)
9. Overall dimensions: 620mm´430mm´450 mm(length by width by height)
10. Weight of whole machine: 44Kg

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