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What is multi-angle-glossmeter?

Multi-angle-glossmeter is the glossmeter with multi angle.it include double angle glossmeter( 20 º,60 º) and triple angle glossmeter 20 º,60º,85º

1)Double Angles glossmeter:

P26( 20 º,60 º double degree) Gloss meter:

Range:20 º 0~99.9|100~2000 Gs;60 º 0~99.9|100~1000 Gs

Conform to international standard: ISO2813,ISO7668,ASTM D523,ASTM D2457,DIN,JIS etc.

Application:Middle&High luster paint,dope,printing ink etc.


1)20/60/85 degree Triple angles glossmeter:


Model:E268 Tri gloss meter

Designed and manufactured according to international standard ISO2813, ASTMD 523, DIN67530 and so on.
Printing ink, oil paint, bake lacquer, coat, woodwork and others;Construction decoration materials: Marble; granite; glass chemical polishing brick, pottery brick and etc Plastic, sheet and othersAnd other non-metal materials.

Fine, light stylish appearance, easy to carry
Completely intelligentized design, single key operation, convenient to use
Automatic adjustment, no need to be hand adjustment
Multi-angles, choose what you want
Long life-span lamp- house, no need to change
Precise measure, excellent repetition performance
LCD digital display
There is buzz sound during operation
Voltage low indication function
Turn off automatically

Technical data:
Measure range: 0-200GS
Stability: <±0.4 Gs/30Min
Value error: <±1.2Gs
Power: 1.5V
Projecting angle: 20°60°85°
Environment temperature: 0-40℃
Relative humidity: ≤ 85%
Standard board dimension: 95×40x13mm
Dimension: 150×86×45mm
G.W: 350g

BMG268 Gloss meter(20 º ,60 º,85 º triple degree): with bluetooth data transfer,memory card and software

Tri Gloss meter

The BMG268 Glossmeter is completely conform to international standard ISO2813,ISO7668,ASTM D523,ASTM D2457,DIN,JIS etc.It has a wide gloss range:0-2000 gloss unit.

Application:all industry.

Model:G268 gloss meter

Designed and manufactured according to international standard ISO2813, ASTMD 523, DIN67530 and so on.
(1) Measure Paint and Dope surface gloss on Car, Electronic appliance and Musical instrument industry.
(2) Measure floor board, marble, granite and ceramic tile gloss on architecture, decoration industry.
(3) Measure printing ink and paper on Printing and Casing industry.
(4) Hard drawn aluminum alloys
(1) Small and light, real easy to be carried and used.
(2) One 1.5V alkaline Battery can be used for almost 60 hours and 10000 reading
(3) High stability
(4) Long-life stable light source needs no replacing for ever.
(5) Quartz crystal standard board, no excursion.
Technical data:
(1) Measure range:0~199.9Gs
(2) Stability: less than ±0.4Gs/30min
(3) Readout error: less than ±1.5Gs
(4) Power supply: one 1.5V AA alkaline battery or one rechargeable battery
Voltage: 0.8V~1.5V
(5) Measurement units are equipped with standard geometries of 20°60°or 85°.
Facular dimension 20°:10×10mm 60°:10×20mm 85°:7×24mm
(6)Measure oar dimension: 11×54mm
(7) Environment temperature: 0℃~40℃ Relative humidity: less than 85%
(8) Dimension: 142mm×32mm×64mm
Dimension of standard board: 67mm×46mm×13mm
(9) G.W: 310g


Portable Glossmeter

P268 Glossmeter(20 º ,60 º,85 º)/P60 Glossmeter(,60 º):with USB software.

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