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X-A Magnetic Flaw Detector/Magnetic Particle Tester is our newly-developed equipment for the testing of casting quality using magnetic particles and features a combination of advantage of various overseas and domestic equivalent products. It features an imposed magnetic field and thus is compact and lightweight. The highly integrated circuit adopted has rendered our product a combination of all functions of various types of equipment.

Magnetic Flaw Detector/Magnetic Particle Tester

* Options
A-shaped detecting head: It is also named horseshoe magnetic yoke detecting head or weld detecting head and features a movable inclined magnetic head. It has one working lamp and is especially applicable for the testing of irregular surfaces and work pieces. The pole distance is 20-160mm; Hoisting capacity: AC≥ 5kg and DC≥ 18kg; Weight: 1kg. This kind of detecting head is adopted by the Horseshoe Magnetic Yoke Tester or Angle Weld Tester. It features a wide scope of application with the movable detecting head.
D-shaped detecting head: It is also named electromagnetic yoke detecting head with multiple movable joints and strong magnetism. Pole distance: 60-220mm, hoisting capacity: AC≥ 6kg and DC≥ 20kg; Weight: 1.6kg. This kind of detecting head is adopted by Electromagnetic Yoke Tester whose magnetic head features strong magnetic conductance and magnetization.
O-shaped detecting head: It is also named ring-shaped detecting head; Inner diameter 150mm, central magnetic field ≥ 1, 800e, weight: 3kg. This kind of detecting head is adopted by the Ring-shaped Tester which works on the principle that strong magnetic fields are created while windings are electrified. It is applicable for the casting quality testing and demagnetization of irregular work pieces like shafts, bars, pipes and vanes, etc.

Technical Performance
1. Power supply: AC 220 ± 10% 50Hz 5A
2. Output: AC 38V 6A A, D, O-shaped detecting heads are applicable
3. Testing speed: ≥ 6m/min
4. Detecting head temperature rise: ≤ 60
5. Working intervals: In the case of continuous operation for a long time, it is recommended: Magnetization time: ≤ 3 sec; Interim: ≥ 5
6. Instrument weight: About 5.5kg


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