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EFD-717 Eddy Current Flaw Detector is a multi-functional, practical, high Cost-effective apparatus. It has many years of manufacturing experience in eddy current detector, meeting the needs of all types of users. It can be widely used in various types of non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal pipes, rods, wire, wire, profiles online and offline testing. It has a high defect detection sensitivity in metal tubes, rods, wire, wire, profiles of the defects such as surface cracks, dark crack, crack open the folder.
It provides windows in Chinese user interface, Modular way of operating, a variety of display modes for choosing and applying all-digital design techniques. We needn't readjust the equipment when changing product specification, realized a fool-type operation.

Eddy Current Flaw Detector

1\Bearing outer ring, Bearing inner ring, Gear Blanks, Ring-shaped metal parts, Auto Parts
2\Brass, steel, stainless steel pipe, welded pipe, aluminum tube, steel wire, double pipe, copper Clad Aluminium, Copper Clad Steel, Metals such as Wire Rod Production Line on-line and off-line nondestructive testing
3\Nondestructive testing such as Oil casing, sucker rods, hollow shaft
4\Detection such as Condenser tubes, air conditioner pipe, auto Tubing
5 \Be suitable for all kinds of Metal wire rod and bar tube nondestructive testing

Instrument Performance:
1\ Detection speed: 0.1m/min~500m/min
2\ Frequency range: 100Hz~1MHz
3\ Gain: 0~60dB, adjust the volume of 1dB / file
4\ Band-pass filter or the speed of matching
5\ All-digital computer parameter adjustment
6\ Real-time impedance flat panel display
7\ The provision of X-t, Y-t, V-t three time base scan for the choice of real-time display mode

8\ Automatically record and display the location of defects
9\ Marking the dynamic fixed-length feature(no need for the high-speed testing)
10\ Function of the head and tail signal resection
11\ High-precision real-time and delay alarm output
12\ Number of phase and amplitude alarm technology
13\ Date and time display Automatically
14\ Eddy current testing signal playback, analyze, save and print functions
15\ Windows user interface, modular man-machine dialogue
16\ Power Supply: 180V~240V 50Hz
17\ The temperature of environment: -20° C~+40° C


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