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Holiday detectors(porosity detector,pinhole tester,spark tester,jeep tester or jeeper)

Holiday detector

high voltage holiday detector

intelligent holiday detector


jeep tester

spark tester

holiday detector machine

The intelligent frequency conversion holiday detector uses intelligent frequency conversion high voltage detection technology, used to detect pinholes, cracks and other damage and defects in non-conductive coating on conductive substrate (such as metal), can be used to detect the quality of insulating and anticorrosive coating on the surface of storage tanks, valves and pipelines. Host for portable, rugged ABS shell, the instrument appearance design is advanced, stable and reliable performance, can be widely used in anticorrosive engineering, plastic airtight joint detection, concrete coating layer air tightness test, petrochemical pipeline corrosion inspection, enamel production industries, is used to detect an essential tool for metal surface insulating anticorrosive coating quality.


Main Features:

1.The special metal hose protects the connecting cable between the main engine and the high voltage generator;

2.Military-grade gold-plated connector to ensure the reliability of the connection;

3.Unique design, ABS case, beautiful, durable;

4.Light touch waterproof film keyboard, easy to operate;

5.AC/DC power supply can be switched quickly and automatically, AC/DC dual-use;

6.Large capacity lithium ion battery pack, energy saving and environmental protection;

7.Independent high pressure button, maximum protection of detection personnel safety, in line with international safety standards;

8.Intelligent frequency conversion high voltage detection technology is suitable for humid environment, the detection process does not generate static electricity;

9.Can be detected by dew wet or muddy and slightly conductive surface;

10.Can automatically identify different working probe (high pressure gun), self-calibration;

11.Digital display battery voltage and output high voltage;

12.When pinhole and other defects are detected, acousto-optic alarm;

13.The output high voltage can be accurately adjusted, and the display precision is high.

14. With overload protection function;


Technical parameters:

Detection voltage: 0.5KV-7KV (1A) 6KV-35KV (2B)

Coating thickness: 0.03mm -- 1.7mm (HD-109A) 1.4mm -- 11.3mm (HD-109B)

Resolution: ±100V

Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ +50℃

Working humidity: avoid condensation of dew on the surface (see DIN55670)

Alarm signal: 86 decibels. Frequency 1500HZ. 1 second for each pinhole alarm

Voltage display: LCD display, 3 digits

Power supply: 12V lithium battery pack (light weight, energy saving and environmental protection)

Working time: 1A (16 hours),2B (12 hours)

Power supply mode: alternating direct dual use

Charger: 110V to 230V 50/60Hz automatic conversion

Main engine weight: 1.2 kg

Host size: 280mm×265mm×86mm


Detection principle:

Spark detector is based on a variety of conductive insulating coating on substrate surface to add a certain amount of pulse pressure, such as anti-corrosion layer, thin metal or pinhole of leak leakage, when pulse high voltage, air gap will be punctured and produce spark discharge, at the same time send pulse signal to alarm circuit, the alarm sound and light alarm, so as to achieve the aim of the anticorrosive layer of quality testing.


Notice for operation:

1. Before use, the operator should read the instrument instruction carefully, strictly follow the operation specifications, pay attention to the protection of the instrument, prevent fall, collision and high temperature, do not place near the humidity and corrosive gas.


2. Select a proper ground point to ensure test quality.


(1) small volume of metal surface anti-corrosion layer detection, to be detected by the object with insulation support more than 20cm, and then the grounding wire is well connected to the metal object detection.


(2) For the detection of large volume or flat objects, when the measured object has good contact with the earth, only the grounding wire access to the earth can be tested.


3. During testing, testing personnel should wear high-voltage insulating gloves, and no one should touch the probe and the object under test, in case of electric shock!!


4. The surface of the tested anticorrosion layer should be kept dry. If there is conductive layer (dust) or water, it is not easy to determine the exact location of the leak point.


5. Power switch must be turned off when the instrument is not in use!!


6. When the undervoltage indicator lights up, please be sure to charge in time!!


Stable output voltage of high voltage gun!!


Standard delivery:

Main unit, high voltage generator, 2 meters probe wire, grounding wire, probe brush, battery, charger, strap, instrument case, calibration certificate,operation manual


Optional accessories:

Arc brush
Flat brush
Circle spring brush
Pipe Inner surface brush
Other size circle ring brush

HD-006 Holiday Detector:

tinker rasor holiday detector

Holiday Detectors are employed in the non-destructive detection and location of pinholes, bare spots or thin points in protective coatings applies for corrosion protection over metal and concrete (conductive) surfaces.
With corrosion an extremely costly and disruptive worldwide problem, preventative determination becomes essential.
For newly constructed tanks, pipelines and other installations, where corrosion prevention coatings have had to be applies, specifications will normally call for a specific coating to a specific thickness. By using our Detector to verify the competency of the sealing coatings, the contractor can be assures that his coatings responsibility has been met.

Complies with Standards: ISO 2746, BS 1344-11, ASTM G 6, ASTM G 62, ASTM D4787, ASTM D5162, NACE RP 04901, NACE RP 0274, NACE RP 0188, JIS G3491, JIS G3492, AS 3894.1, EN14430 and ANSI/AWWA C 213 etc.


Detect range

0.5mm~10mm(other range available)

Output voltage

0.5KV~30KV(other range available)

DC power supply


Display screen






HD-005 Holiday Detector:


Detect range


Output voltage


DC power supply


Display screen






HD-007 Holiday Detector:(With hole memory function and avoid damage to coatings)

Detect range

0.5mm~10mm(other range available)

Output voltage

0.5KV~30KV(other range available)

DC power supply


Display screen






Accessories:High Voltage Probe(Arc probe and circle/ring probe are available), Band Brush, Fan brush,Flat brush,Earth Cable, Neck Strap and Carrying Case.

Flat brush:

flat brush

Sector brush:

sector brush

Circle brush:

circle proble

Arc brush:

arc brush

Circle probe:

circle spring electrode

Internal brush:

internal probe

Wet sponge holiday detector:

Wet sponge holiday detector

SHD001 Wet Sponge Holiday Detector has received wide acceptance in the corrosion control and industrial painting industry as a device for locating bare spots (or holidays,cracks etc) in the thin protective films which are sprayed or brushed on metal or concrete surfaces. This pinhole detector is non-destructive with low voltage of 9V,67.5V,90V DC output.
The inspection electrode consists of a 168×68×28mm cellulose sponge which, when dampened with water, is moved over the coated surface. When the electrode passes a void or bare spot, a small current flows and actuates an audible signal in the instrument. The damp sponge provides an electrically conductive film that contacts the surface being inspected and insures good inspection even in corners and around irregular shapes where holidays are most likely to occur.

  • Non-destructive, sponge-type holiday detector.
  • Regulated 9V,67.5V,90V DC output.
  • With LED light indicator for each voltage
  • Li-pol batteries readily available anywhere.

(1)thickness:9V ——for 300 UM;
                   67.5V—for 500 UM;
                   90V——for 500 UM;
(3)Voltage accuracy:+5%;
(4)Power supply: rechargeable 11.1V/1100mA Li-pol battery
(8)Sponge size:168×68×28mm
(9)Probe length:196mm
(10)Earth cable:4m


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