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Brick test hammer,Brick rebound hammer,Brick rebound test hammer

Brick test hammer,Brick rebound hammer

1) Center oriented rod using imported materials, high precision, wear-resistant;
2) As per shell use superhard Al alloy material, therefore it avoid to damage instrument in-site woke, and to extend the instrument's life;
3) Pointer slider with external spring ring structure, not only it is convenient for the friction adjustment, but also it ensures that the friction force for pointer shaft and slider is
uniform, and to ensure the accuracy of the instrument.
The product accuracy is high relative to same prodcuts, at the same time , it quality is best and price is cheap, and  instrument's life is long, and it is suitable particularly for the small brick factory to use.

Normal impact energy: 0.735J
Strike hammer stroke: 75mm
The friction force of pointer slider: 0.5±0.1N
Spherical radius of strike rod : 25±1mm
The rebound values calibrated on steel anvil: 74±2
Dimensions: Φ54*268mm
Weight: 1Kg


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