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Color Assessment Cabinets

  • Color assessment cabinet-4 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-5 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-6 kind lamps
  • Color assessment cabinet-7 kind lamps

Color measuring instruments


Haze meter

UV Integrator

Thickness gauges

Surface Roughness tester

Surface Resistance meter

Surface Thermometer


EMF Meter

Range finder

Lux meters




Pen type vibration testers:

Pen type vibration tester

● Used for fast failure detecting of motor, electric fan, pump, air
compressor, machine tools and so on
● Compact size, small Weight, easy handling
● Prompt testing of vibration on the workshop machines
● For quick checking of unbalance misalignment, bearings and gears
● Guard against mechanical malfunction
● Holding tested value for 40 seconds
● Automatic switch off after 40 seconds
● V200 is used specially for velocity testing
● V220 is used specially for displacement testing
● V260 is used for testing of acceleration, velocity and displacement

Model V200 V220 V260
Parameters: RMS of vibration ; velocity (mm/s); Displacement Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement
Testing range: Velocity: 0.1mm/s~199.9mm/s; Displacement: 0.01mm~1.999mm (peak~peak), Acceleration:0.01-199.9m/s2 (peak), Velocity: 0.01-199.9 mm/s (RMS), Displacement: 0.001-1.999 mm (peak-peak), Acceleration:10Hz~1kHz
Frequency range: Velocity:10Hz~1kHz; Displacement: 10Hz~500Hz; Velocity: 10Hz~1kHz, Displacement: 10Hz ~ 500Hz,Acceleration:10Hz~1kHz
Tolerance: ±5%
Display: 31/2 digits LCD
Power supply: two button batteries (LR44 or SR44)
Battery capacity Approx. 4.5 hours working continuously
Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃
Humidity: <85%
Dimensions (mm): 150×22×18
Weight (g): 55 (including batteries)

Vibration tester V300:

Vibration tester


Advanced vibration tester with large measuring range
● Three display modes:
Special mode: displaying acceleration, velocity and displacement
Common mode: displaying one of acceleration, velocity and
Spectrum mode: displaying vibration spectrum
● Large memory up to 1550 readings and 25 spectrums
● Easy diagnosis: alarm is sounded when vibration go over limit set,
and get into spectrum mode
● Testing results and spectrums can be printed out with optional
● Can be connected with PC by special software for further analyses
of vibration
● Display the FFT spectrum chart


Testing range
Acceleration 0.1m/s2-392m/s2 (peak value)
Velocity 0.01cm/s-80cm/s (virtual value)
0.001mm-18.1mm (peak to peak
Frepuency range
10Hz-200Hz, 10Hz-500Hz, 10Hz-1KHz,
Velocity 10Hz-1KHz
Displacement 10Hz -500Hz
Power Li-ion rechargeable battery
Display LCD, 320×200 pixels with backlight
Working temperature 0℃- 40℃
Tolerance ±5%
Dimensions (mm) 171×78.5×28
Weight (g) 230

Vibration tester V110:

● Fast failure detecting of motor, electric fan, pump, air compressor,
machine tools and so on
● Analysis of acceleration, velocity, and displacement
● Large memory of 100 readings and 10 frequency spectrograms
● Hand-held accelerometer probe is available with a removable
magnetic base for connecting with tested parts
● Low battery indication
● Rechargeable battery
● Large LCD display
● Printer integrated, readings and vibration pattern can be printed out
● Upper and lower limit setting and sound alarm

Testing range
0.1m/s2-199.9 m/s2
(peak value)
(virtual value)
(peak to peak value)
Frequency range
10Hz-500Hz, 10Hz-1KHz,
Velocity 10Hz-500Hz, 10Hz-1KHz
Displacement 10Hz-500Hz
Power Nickel-hydrogen battery
Tolerance ±5%
Working temperature 0℃~40℃
Dimensions (mm) 270×86×47
Weight (g) 650

Vibration tester V120:

● Be widely used in fast inspecting of motor, fan, pump, compressor,
machine tool and inspecting of machine failure
● Low battery indication
● Large memory of 100 readings
● Integrated with printer to print out all the readings of current point
● With function of time and date setting
● With high sensitivity and measuring stability

Application Field
Motor, compressor, bearing and
other rotating machine
Measuring parameters
Acceleration (m/s2), Velocity (cm/s),
Displacement (mm)
Testing range
Acceleration 0.1m/ s2
Velocity 0.01cm/s
Displacement 0.001mm
Error ≤±5%
Frequency range
0.1 m/ s2~199.9 m/ s2
(peak to peak)
Velocity 0.01cm/s~19.99 cm/s
Displacement 0.001mm~1.999mm (peak value)
Data memory 100 group
Voltage 6V
Charging time ≤132min
Input: 220v/AC, 50Hz
Output: 12V/DC, 600 mA
Continuous working time >16 hours
Temperature 0~40℃
Humidity 90%RH
Dimensions (mm) 230×84×33
Weight (g) 600

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