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Universal Digital Calipers (Updatable for different measuring tasks with all kinds of attachment )

universal digital caliper

Features :
Can measure Φ1mm hole.
Can measure inside flat goove.
Can measure very narrow grooves.
Can measure outside dimensions
Can measure the center distance between two holes.
Can measure from edge to hole center.
Can measure stepped sections.
Can measure outside groove.
Can measure inside groove.
Can measure sectioned shafts.
Can measure tube thickness.
Broad measuring faces can easily measure the diameter of steel wire rope.
Specifications :
  Measuring Range   Resolution Limit Error
  0-150mm(0-6")   0.01mm(.0005") ±0.02mm

Protective Digital Calipers:

Protective Digital Calipers

Features :
The protective device can prevent sweat, coolant, etc. from dropping to the front main scale. Sweat and coolant have
Electrolyte which can shield the sliding sensor and cause reading error.
  Specifications :
  Measuring Range Order No. Resolution Limit Error
  0-150mm(0-6")  111-291 0.01mm(.0005") 0.02mm
  0-200mm(0-8")  111-292 0.01mm(.0005") 0.03mm
  0-300mm(0-12")  111-293 0.01mm(.0005") 0.04mm

High Precision Digital Calipers:

High Precision Digital Caliper


Features :
Resolution: 0.005mm.
Zero-setting at any position.
Inch/mm conversion.
Data Output.
Absolute and relative measurement conversion at any position.
Order No. Resolution Limit
L a b c d
  0-150mm(0-6") 110-051 0.005mm(.0002") ±0.015mm 236  40  21  16.5  16 
  0-200mm(0-8") 110-052 0.005mm(.0002") ±0.02mm 286 50 24 19.5 16
  0-300mm(0-12") 110-053 0.005mm(.0002") ±0.025mm 400 60 25 20.5 17



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