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Spectral Irradiance Colorimeter

Spectral Irradiance Colorimeter

Spectral Irradiance Colorimeter

Adopt the international patents, and leads the new era for field spectral measurement. It has compact size and high-end configuration. The measurement and analysis could be completed synchronously by only one touch. Its portability and versatile functions make it widely applied in on-site test, such as building, plants growing, commercial and indoor lighting. Also, it can be used in the R&D and inspection laboratories, production lines for lighting products.

►Measurement items
● The relative spectral power distribution P(λ)             ● Illuminance (E)             ●  S/P ratio
●  Color rendering index (CRI)          ● Correlated color temperature (CCT)
●  Chromaticity in CIE 1931, 1960 and 1976      ● Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM)
● IES EVE illuminance        ●  Spectral Irradiance           ●  ……
 Further analyze the color rendering of light sources
R9 is an important index for LEDs. The objects are perceived more colorful with the increase of R9.

 To make photopic, scotopic and mesopic photometry measurements and obtain S/P ratio, 
so as to assist road and indoor lighting designs & researches etc.

Automatically calculate the S/P ratio, and acquire the mesopic quantities immediately

High end configuration improves measurement experience

No V(λ) mismatch error that the accuracy is super high

Up to milliseconds for spectral acquisition and real time analysis and display

Detachable detector for flexible applications

Mobile storage and speed communication with computer

 All the spectrum, radiometric, photometric and colorimetric quantities and be measured and read within milliseconds.

 Main interface of the main unit ( default view of spectrum)
 ►Detachable detector for flexible applications

 International patents issued
dopt the international patent technology SBCT, to widen the measurement range and improve accuracy.

photometric range: 0.1lx~200klx, and realize f1’ ≈0.

SBCT: Spectrometer & Broadband-radiometer/photometer Combined Technique, is recognized as the most accuract method for photometric/radiometric measurement worldwide.






Spectral range (nm)






Cosine Recipt Area



Wavelength accuracy


Stray light

< 0.3%

Integration time

5 ms - 60000 ms

Illuminance range

10 lux~200 klux

0.1 lux~200 klux

CCT range

1000 K~100000 K

Accuracy of chromaticity coordinates

±0.001 x,y (Relative to the standard light source whose stability is better than ±0.0001 and NIM traceable calibrated value)


Ra; Ri (i=1~15) 


Main unit-detector   RS232&USB
Main unit-computer  USB

Main unit-detector:   RS232&BLUETOOTH
Main unit-computer:  USB&WIFI


Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, 4 hours continuing operation.

Data Storing

4G SD Card

Weight (With battery)

200 g

*1. The instrument model with W is only supplies with BLUETOOTH and WIFI functions. Other models do not have the functions.

A powerful tool for almost all applications of visible lights spectrum analysis in lighting industry, for example:

◆ LED,OLED R&D,QC, Sales, Purchase
◆ Light source Spectrum,CCT,CRI evaluation
◆ Outdoor advertising screen test
◆ Computers and mobiles backlight modules test
◆ Automotive Lighting / Guiding
◆ Street / Tunnel Illumination
◆ Indoor Illumination / Decoration
◆ Museum / Displaycabinet light design
◆ Lab and field scientific research applications

  HPC-3 Pocket colorimeter illuminance meter
HPC-2 light source colorimeter/spectrometer
Spectrometer OHSP-350
OHSP350A Light Spectrometer

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