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What is a reflection meter?

Reflection meter is the device for measuring the reflectivity on mirror surfaces and non mirror surfaces,it is used to determine the light reflection performance.

Reflection meter

RF001 Reflection Meter
Brief Introduction
This instrument is a special equipment for measuring the reflectivity of rearview mirror (or similar product) of motor vehicle. The product composes intelligent measuring instruments, optical integrating sphere, parallel lamp, standard light source, constant current source etc. It is easy to operate, it can measure the reflectivity quickly and accurately. On instrument structure, it adopts standardized modulation design. It takes latest single chip as its digital central processing element. After the measuring signal is converted by modulus, CPU will do some computation and compensation. The instrument can display the reflectivity of device which is measured in rear time. It operates simply and quickly, the indication is direct and accurate. It's good for quality examination &control in the production scene as well as laboratories. This product has the convenience &quick demarcation way, can meet requirement of different occasion. It is applicable for measuring light reflection on mirror and not mirror parts.

Applicable for measuring reflectivity of automobile, motorcycle' rearview mirror; measuring light reflection on mirror and not mirror parts.

Technology Parameter:
Measure Range(reflectivity): 0~100%
Measure Precision: Over 2%
Measure Replication: Over 2%
Running Voltage: AC220/50Hz;
Humidity: Under no dew than 85%
Environment Temperature: 4~40
Power Consumption(W): <30

Usage and Maintenance
1. Keep the inner-wall of photosphere clean, do not touch the inner-wall by hand or hard object to avoid foreign matter falling into the sphere;
2. The instrument should be placed in dry environment. Do not put it in moist and corrosive environment, no vibrating and hitting fiercely;
3. The instrument should carry on the demarcation regularly. While demarcating, the reflectivity of the standard reflector should approach the reflectivity of the product to be measured as far as possible;
4. Do not turn on/off the instrument continually. The time interval of turn on/off should not be less than 5 minutes;
5. User should not process arbitrarily while breakdown that the user is unable to process, please contact the production manufacturer immediately;
6. We suggest using parameter voltage-stabilized source whose stable volt precision is not smaller than 1% for the instrument power supply.


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