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What is a Laser Diameter Measuring Instrument?

Laser Diameter Measuring Instrument is one kind Physical Measuring Meter for measuring the diameter and dimensions by laser in non-contact way with high accuracy.

LD001 Laser Diameter Measuring Instrument:

Laser Diameter Measuring Instrument
*Laser two-dimensional scanning: Two bunches of lasers to do outer diameter measurement of non-contact, non-damage from the different angle, it can effectively eliminate error caused by work vibration;
*DSP data processing technique: The sampling speed is quick, precision is high and the performance is stable;
*The reaction control integration module with PID constitute the online outer diameter closed loop observation and control system (e. G.: Diameter of the object measured is slight big or small, transmission rate is big or small), which can change the transmission rate to control the outer diameter be tested through adjusting the power supply with PID. It's easy to operate, user can setup a boundary numerical value, main engine will give an alarm automatically while the test result exceeds the set value.
*It processes R485 communication interface, can be connected with PC machine and PLC and then composed into long-distance collection and distribution supervisory system, The transmission length may reach 200m

The LD001 Laser Diameter Instrument is a high accuracy one without contacting designed on the basis of the laser scan measuring principle. The 2-dimension measuring mode is applied to the instrument, and the 2-way laser beam is in the positive cross design in the measuring field, thus effectively eliminating testing errors caused by work piece shocks. It is special suitable for real-time measurement of the production field, and widely used in the test of round wire materials such as communication cables, optical cables, co-axial cables and power cables, and the test of various kinds of other round work piece diameters.

Technology Parameter:
Measure Range(mm) 0.2~30
Measure Precision(um): 2.0
Sensitivity(um): 1.0
Communication Interface RS485
Relative Humidity no dew than 85%
Environment Temperature 4~40
Power Consumption(W) <50
Scanning speed(m/s) >50
Packing Specification(mm) Main Engine: 441*170*546
Weight: 8kg
Product Allocation Laser Diameter Measuring Instrument: 1 unit; Calibrating stand: 1 set

TLSM Series Laser diameter measuring gauge:

Laser diameter,diameter

It obtains the dimensions of measured target via laser beam scanning.caliper meter can be widely used to measure objects hot, soft, friable as well as not easy to be measured with other traditional methods, especially, suited to online measurement in the production of wire rod, bar, tubing, mechanical and electronic elements.
     The automatic mode of caliper meter is applied in continuous measurement and manual mode does in single time or continuous measurement. Caliper meter can be set in some respects, i.e. up and low limits, Max.- Min. limit and corresponding warning for overrun; It can also calculate maximum, minimum and average values, e.g. to measure maximum and minimum values of a rotary cylinder, deviation of a roller as well as similar dimensions.

Technical Specifications

7 digitals LED digitron
Measuring range Accuracy of measurement duplicability Resolution ratio

Display mode 7 digitals LED digitron
Beam scanning speed 1680 times/sec
Measured dimensions external diameter and seam(12 data can be measured simultaneously at most)
Measuring modes automatic and manual(incl. key board trigger and external trigger, host control)
Measuring initial trigger internal continuous trigger, keyboard trigger and external trigger;Min. short circuit signal 30ms is required or a low level signal with collector open-circuit is supplied for external trigger.
Host interface RS-232C(optional for RS-485)
Analog interface Output is the difference between measure value and nominal;value, with +10V to -10V corresponding to +2mm to -2mm
Resolution ratio 0.1μm,5mv/1μm
Statistical calculation average value, Maximum, Minimum, Mix.-Min. from measurement start to measurement termination
Tolerance setting

Normal 7digitals at most
Up-limit 7 digitals at most
Low-limit 7 digitals at most
Max-Min 7digitals at most
Offset value 7digitals at most

Warning overrun warning for Up and Low limits, and Mix.-Min
Contactless switch 1a*3(0.1A,AC100V)
Measurement of transparent object available
Working atmosphere 0C-45C;35/100-85/100RH(dewless)
Power supply AC85V-265V;50Hz/60Hz
Power 30W
Weight control unit:3kg;sensor:2kg
Dimensions control unit: 310mmX240mmX85mm
sensor: 420mmX110mmX35mm

Standard delivery
sensor sender
control unit
sensor receptor
signal cable
sensor base
supply cord

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