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GSMC100 GSM Cutter/sampler is specially used for the unit weight measurement of textiles, paper and paperboard. This is an accurate and convenient sampling apparatus for your ideal choice. (Cutting Thickness adjustable)

GSM cutter,sampler

Fabric Weight Evaluation Kit 
To simple and economically determine "per unit area" of textile knitting or woven fabric and calculate the material cost.
GSM Circular Cutter designed specfically to cut a preceise 100cm2 (diameter 113mm) out circular specimen is used together with a high-precision Fabric Weight Balance to provide an accurate and easy for determining fabric weight in GRAMS per SQUARE METER (g/m2) or OUNCES per SQUARE YARD (oz/yd2) in off-shore markets. A Specimen of 100cm2 is cut and placed on the balance which is switchable from g/m2 to oz/yd2.
GSM Circular Cutter Features:
  Supply with Germany Blades;
  Accurately cut out 100cm2 speciment (diameter 113mm);
  Cutting Thickness adjustable;
  Apply for textile fabric, carpet, film, foam, paper and board;
  Complete with cutting Rubber Board & 4 spare S.S. Blades.

 Fabric Weight Balance is available.


UTF001 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

UTF0012 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

UTF0022 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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