UV-integrator&intensity meter:


UV-integrator&intensity meter

UV-integrator&intensity meter:

Can test UV energy,UV intensity and temperature in one time.
UV-intensity : 0-2000mW/cm2
UV-dose : 0-36000mJ/cm2
Temperature: 0-120°C

Technical Data:
Input power:0-5,000mW
Spectral range: UV315-410 nm,Max:365nm
Measuring range: 0 to 2,000mW/cm2
Display range: 0 to 36,000mJ/cm2
Power supply: AAA size Battery
Power consumption: 20uA
Test temperature:0-115°C
Record cycle:120seconds
Sampling speed:0.01seconds(100times/second)
Display:2x15 digi LCD
Battery working time:2,000times
Dimensions: D120mm,H13mm
Ambient temperature: 0 to 45Celcius
It can endure max. 110 Celcius degree for 10 seconds.

Application:Test UV energy,UV intensity and temperature


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