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Gray Scale Test Chart(11 steps)

Gray Scale Test Chart(11 steps)

The Gray Scale Test Chart(11 steps) is disigned and used to evaluate the halftone reproduction of electronic cameras. Two 11-graduated counter current gray scales are arranged on a gray background (D=0.75), the gray scale being graduated logarithmically.

Related to the densities of the gray scales: gamma = 0.45

Related to the reflectance values (brightness): gamma = 2.2 , that being exactly the reciprocal value of gamma = 0.45.

The output signal of an optimally gamma-corrected camera yield two 11-graduates counter current linear step signals. The contrast range of the gray scales is 40 : 1.

The values of the 11-graduated gray scale are as follows:

Step Density Reflectance in %
1 0.05 89
2 0.13 74
3 0.22 60
4 0.32 48
5 0.43 37
6 0.55 28
7 0.69 20
8 0.88 13
9 1.06 8
10 1.31 5
11 1.65 2

The density values are based on BaSo4 = 0. Two black fields and a white field are located between the gray scales, the density of the black filed is D > 2.4 (reflectance < 0.5 %). The density of the white filed is D = 0.05 (reflectance = 89.9 %).

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