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CR-400 / 410 Color Reader:
Highly accurate, multi-functional, and user-friendly, Konica Minolta's new Chroma Meters CR-400 and CR-410 provide support for measurement using just the measuring head.

Product Overview
· Logical naming of buttons allows the setting and calibration of color-difference target colors and other similar measurement operations to be carried out with ease.
· With repeatability within ΔE*ab 0.07 and excellent inter-instrument agreement (within ΔE*ab 0.6 for the CR-400; within ΔE*ab 0.8 for the CR-410), these products deliver high levels of accuracy.
· A user calibration function allows even higher levels of precision to be achieved. (Requires a Data Processor or optional software.)
· Limit values can be set and acceptability criteria evaluated (pass, warn, or fail). (Requires a Data Processor or optional software.)
· In addition to the color systems on the CR-300 and CR-310, a wide range of other color systems are available for selection.
· Up to 1,000 data can be stored when using the measuring head alone, and this can be increased to 2,000 data when the head is connected to a Data Processor. (In both cases, a total of 100 color-difference target colors can be stored.)
· Able to display color difference graphs, these Chroma Meters allow color difference conditions to be ascertained at a glance. (when used with Data Processor)
· Input of comments for color-difference target colors and of calibration channel names can be performed in the same simple procedure as used with mobile phones. (when used with Data Processor)
· A backlit LCD panel allows data to be displayed with clarity and precision.
· Screen content can be displayed in any of six different languages, including English and Japanese.
· Rechargeable batteries are used to reduce running costs.


CR-200 Color Reader

CR-10 Color Reader


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