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CR-10 Color Reader

The Colour Reader CR-10 is a very compact, battery powered, hand-held portable colorimeter for quick color control. At first, simply measure the target and then the sample. After one second the color difference - expressed in L*a*b* and dE* or L*C*H* and dE* - will appear on the LCD display. The measuring area of 8 mm in addition to the 8/d geometry allows a universal use in a wide variety of applications. All measurements are taken under the conditions of standard illuminant D65 and 10° observer. For print out of the readings the CR-10 can be connected to an external printer.
Easy to use, portable and economical.Measures reflected light using 8° illumination/diffuse viewing. Measurement diameter of 8mm. Streamlined functionality for lower cost. Integrated measurement, data processing, and display section. Portable, lightweight, compact design.

Illuminating/viewing geometry 8/d (8° illumination angle/diffuse viewing)
Measuring area Approx. Φ8mm
Display modes D(L*a*b*)/ DE*ab or D(L*C*H*)/ DE*ab
Target color memory 1 channel; set by measurement
Measuring range L*: 10 to 100
Measurement conditions Observer : CIE 10° Standard Observer
Illuminant : CIE Standard Illuminant D65
Repeatability Standard deviation within DE*ab 0.1
(Measurement conditions: Average of measurements of standard white plate)
Minimum interval between measurements Approx. 1 sec.
Power source Four AA-size batteries or optional AC Adapter AC-A12
Battery life Alkaline-manganese batteries: Approx.2000 measurements at 10-sec. intervals
Ni-Cd batteries: Approx. 600 measurements at 10-sec intervals
Operating temperature/humidity range 0 to 40°C; relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Standard accessories Soft Case CR-A68; Protective Cap CR-A72; Wrist Strap CR-A73; AA-size batteries (4)
Optional accessories AC Adapter AC-A12; Printer Cable CR-A75


CR-11 Color Reader:


The Color Reader CR-11 is identical with the CR-10 but displays Munsell color notations.

Easy to use, portable and economical.Indicates the closest Munsell color index (HVC) to the measured color. Measurement diameter of 8mm. Integrated measurement, data processing, and display section. Portable, lightweight, compact design. Supports the storage of 50 measurements.

CR14 Color Reader:

Simple and fast control of whiteness and yellowness
Small color variations of white are especially obvious but difficult to quantify objectively. The Color Reader CR-14 allows you to control the shade of white, near white and yellowish products such as foods and raw materials easy and with precision. To do so, the CR-14 uses the internationally standardised and well known Whiteness and Yellowness Indices from CIE, ASTM and Hunter.
Alternatively, you can also display measured values in Y x y (CIE31) color coordinates.The CR-14 can handle any products in solid, pasty or even powder form and thus is very flexible. In order to prevent it from dusty environment, the measuring aperture is covered by an optical glass - alternatively you can also use the optional vinyl protection cover. Like all Color Readers, the CR-14 is very simple to use, compact, light-weight and battery-operated.

Indication of the whiteness of foodstuffs and raw materials using a whiteness index (CIE or Hunter). Measurement diameter of 8mm. Integrated measurement, data processing, and display sections. Portable, lightweight, compact design. Capable of measuring powders and pastes.

CR-200 Color Reader

CR-400 / 410 Color Reader/Colorimeter

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